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A step in the right direction

Once again Finland have made a step in the right direction in terms of the way they educate their children.

They have announced that they are scrapping traditional school subjects and instead focusing on one topic and bringing subjects into the topic. Children will no longer sit row by row in desks but rather will have discussions together in groups.

I have always praised the Scandinavian/Nordic education system and I feel this new move takes it from strength to strength.

Well done Finland!

Have a read of the article below:

A photograph is worth a thousand words


I’ve always been interested in photography but have a slight love/hate relationship with it.

On one hand I feel that capturing moments via photograph is wonderful as you’ll forever have that picture to remember that moment by.

However, why do we really need the photo? Surely just living in the moment is the best way to remember it. You remember how you felt rather than looking back at a photo posted on Facebook.

But, what happens if our memories become distorted or a major brain trauma leads to retrograde amnesia or anterograde amnesia? What if you were so overwhelmed by the emotions you were feeling at that exact moment that the only way you can possibly remember it is through a picture?

Take the picture above for example, it shows an army woman returning home, she sees her daughter for the first time in many months perhaps even years. To me, taking a picture at this moment was  the right choice as it shows nothing but love, compassion and happiness.  The family will treasure this photo forever and will be able to look back and remember this moment of pure bliss.

Although, not all children are as lucky. Not all children have families to go back to. Not all children have hope and something to look forward to. For some, there is no happiness in their futures.


As I’m sure you are aware there is disaster in the world. The world in which we live is full of good yet we tend to focus on the bad.

Photographs can be used to show this. Whilst we in the Western world live in relatively good conditions, it’s often hard for us to imagine what life is like for others who are less fortunate than ourselves. This picture above captures the struggles some children have to go through on a daily basis. Pure and utter poverty. Its a hard picture to look at but I feel that it is important for us to realise that bad things are happening and that there are people out there struggling to survive.

So, my advice to you is yes, sometimes moments needed to be captured by camera but other moments are best left to enjoy with your eyes.