Suzie and Cruzie

What a lovely girl with a wonderful positive view of life spreading awareness of autism through her own book. I don’t know about you, but when I see children doing amazing things it restores my faith in the next generation and makes me realise that they’re a pretty good bunch and bright, talented individuals. Sienna, you’re a star.

Babies best friend

They say that dog is mans best friend but this video shows that dog is in fact babies best friend too.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything so precious in my entire life.

If you’re having a bad day this’ll definitely cheer you up, enjoy!


There are basic needs in life. One of which is water. Although, for most of us water is nothing special. There is nothing grand about it. We run our taps and it’s there. If you’re fortunate to live in England it falls from the sky most days. However, this isn’t the case for all individuals. Water can be so much more. Next time it rains, don’t complain. Just enjoy the moment and remember that actually it isn’t all bad. Childhood and water, what could be more beautiful?

One toy

There are moments in life that make you stop and think. This picture is one of those moments.

I’m not saying that all children with a never ending supply of toys are always sad and a child with only one toy is always happy but it appears as though those with less appreciate what they have a lot more.

I have been following two families on YouTube recently (the channel names shall remain nameless) but one family spoil their children at any given opportunity whilst the other family lead a minimalistic life where the children have limited toys yet, it is without doubt that the children from the latter family have much more appreciation for everything they have in life. They appreciate their food, nature, the outside world and their lives.

I am not condemning those who spoil their children yet I urge you to stop and think. I mean does your child really need 10 dolls? It is important to teach children from a young age that you have to work hard in life to achieve.

DC Super Hero Girls


Lego have got some bad press in recent times due to the release of their Lego friends range which was very much aimed at girls.Lego had always been viewed as a gender neutral toy but with the introduction to this range it seems as though Lego suffered from a lot of backlash. Although, the bad comments seem to have done something to the Lego head office and they are now releasing a female Lego superhero range, yay!

Above you can see a picture of the new superhero range. It has been said that the DC superhero line will include 11 superhero women. It’s a move in the right direction and encourages children to not conform to gender stereotypes through play. It encourages young girls, in particular, to broaden their horizons and makes them realise that they can be superheroes too. Girls can be cool too.

Lets make a fish climb a tree

I stumbled across a video that broadcasts the issues of the American/British education system. I couldn’t have put it any better myself. So, let’t not judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree. Enjoy.

The 6 c’s of physical activity

I’m currently working as an intern on a research project regarding physical activity with children aged 0 – 5. The researchers, Dr Kristy Howells and Dr Catherine Meehan have been working hard to come up with a list of the 6 areas they believe are of importance when children are taking part in physical activity.

The 6 c’s are listed below:

  1. Control
  2. Coordination
  3. Confidence
  4. Concentration
  5. Competence
  6. Challenge

We are using an online questionnaire to collect data in regards to how physical activity is currently viewed in schools. The results from this will then be analysed and used to produce a set of guidelines for practitioners to follow in order to improve the levels of physical activity in schools and other settings.

The National Curriculum in the UK states that children should complete sustained physical activity and the NHS guidelines 2013 proposed at least 180 minutes of physical activity a day for young children. This is something many settings are falling short on which is why we feel that something needs to be done.

I spent the first week of my internship focused on conducting a literature review of the 6 c’s. 15, 000 words later it was clear that there was a lot of research out there. However, there was more research for some of the 6c’s in comparison to the others. My general findings were that research tended to focus on older children aged 6+ as well as little focus being placed on research into confidence, concentration and competence.

If you yourself are a practitioner or work with children in a school or activity setting then please get in touch as I would love to hear your views.

Below is a link to the online questionnaire which takes approximately 10 to 20 minutes to fill in:

Also, why not follow us on our Twitter page:






The people next door

Neighbours Next Door--(None)_A2

The people next door is a one off documentary broadcast on Channel 4 (UK) about child abuse.

The documentary begins with a newly married happy couple moving into a semi-detached house after finding out that Gemma (the wife) is pregnant. Whilst all appears well at first, screaming is quickly heard from their next door neighbours house. The couple are slightly worried at first but just put it down to a one off argument. The next day they leave the front door open as they return home and a little boy runs into their house who appears slightly nervous and then quickly runs out and returns next door to the house where screaming was heard the previous night. As time progresses the screaming is heard again, along with banging, and the sounds of a child crying. Gemma becomes paranoid.

She orders a nanny teddy and gives it to the family next door in order to spy on their every move. Whilst the teddy captures some details the smallest boy of the family is not seen. The camera in the teddy bear also picks up on a closed door leading to the back bedroom of the house, the room which Gemma heard the crying coming from. She becomes more and more paranoid as the family are seen leaving the house yet the smallest, youngest child is not seen with them. As time progresses Richard (husband) begins to think Gemma is acting strange. After Gemma directly questions the family about the youngest son’s whereabouts, the story begins to add up. They state that he has been sent to the grandparents house for a while. Richard believes their words yet Gemma is still unsure.

To put Gemma’s mind at rest he steals a bin bag from next doors bin to check for anything suspicious. As the bin bag is unwrapped a blood covered white sheet is found. Richard states how it could be anything, perhaps he thinks one of the other children in the house had a nosebleed whilst sleeping. However, Gemma becomes more paranoid. She listens for any slight noise heard next door. One day she sees next doors daughter playing outside and decides to have a talk with her. Gemma asks the little girl who lives in her house. The little girl responds saying mummy, daddy along with her other siblings names and then finishes with the name Charlie. Gemma is shocked, the only possible person named Charlie could be the little boy she had seen previously. But, how could this be? Charlie was sent to his grandparents? Richard tries to calm Gemma and tells her that Charlie is the name of their cat.

As time progresses it is clear that Gemma is becoming more paranoid yet Richard is no longer fussed about the mysteries occurring next door. Until that is, crying is once again heard from the back bedroom. As the family have been seen leaving their house Gemma and Richard both decide to break in next door and see what the noise is. Just as they go to open the door of the back bedroom the family return. Darkness.

The next scene focuses on a new couple looking round Gemma and Richards house, the estate agent says the current owners are looking for a quick sale. I wonder why. As the new couple are seen leaving the house they see next doors little girl stroking her pet cat. They speak with her and ask her the cats name. Jasper she replies…

I strongly recommend watching the programme. It really opens up your eyes to the world of child abuse as well as the world of paranoia. I’d advise you to make up your own mind about whether Charlie was abused or whether Gemma was just being paranoid. Did Gemma’s motherly instincts lead her to suspect something wasn’t quite right?…



No excuses

There really are no excuses.

I am fully aware that the cost of raising a child is extortionate but there’s no need for financial instability to restrict your child’s development or the quality of parenting.


This picture shows that with a little bit of imagination a cardboard box can be turned into a masterpiece.

A bit of paint, glue, paper, toilet roll tubes and toys that your children already have can be used to create something new and exciting.


You can even add a personal touch which will truly brighten up your child’s day.

Of course, shop bought ‘kitchens’ are more sturdy, can light up and are generally a bit more child friendly but, crafting projects like the one above allow children to express themselves, it allows for them to tap into their imagination and be creative. Furthermore, a sense of pride and accomplishment will be felt at the end by both parent/guardian and child.

Switch off your TV, get messy and spend some quality time with your child!

The childhood race


I’m not sure where this quote is from but, I think the wording is perfect.

It seems all too common nowadays that children are compared against one another from a very young age. The British education system is all about reaching targets, getting good grades and excelling in either Maths, Science or English. Children are made to feel like failures if they do not achieve highly. If they don’t read at the age of 4 then a wave of panic flashes through parents.

We must remember that each child is different. They are unique and special in their own way. Whilst some can count at the age of 2 others have outstanding social skills and good communication abilities. We shouldn’t compare children against each other,  or compare them against targets for that matter. Instead, children should be respected. Childhood after all is only a small window of time.