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Just a little reminder to all those parents out there who are currently having to home school their children through lockdown number 3 here in the UK and wherever else you may be in the world! Im sure it’s not something any of you parents expected to be happening ever let alone for months on end. I know that parents don’t want to let their children down but it’s important to remember that mental health is more important than the completion of school work. There is always time to finish off some sums tomorrow or some reading later on today but focus on how your child is coping. This is a weird, crazy, difficult time for us as adults but imagine how children are doing? Their worlds have been turned upside down, they’re being told no more than ever, they can’t see their friends and families, life is tough at the moment. Focus in them, their mental health and their wellbeing…

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I’m sure that a lot of you are currently working from home too and its really important to switch off at the end of the day. Although we may be closing all the Internet tabs its important to close theirs in our head too. Lots of jobs are hard to switch off from but think of you and close that tab.