Faces of emotions

I wonder how many of these emotions we go through each day…


I’m sure that a lot of you are currently working from home too and its really important to switch off at the end of the day. Although we may be closing all the Internet tabs its important to close theirs in our head too. Lots of jobs are hard to switch off from but think of you and close that tab.


Its important to think about others plates. We’re not all the same and even if their plate is the same as yours they may not be able to cope the same way you do. Be kind.


I couldn’t think of a better fitting word to describe this picture than ‘engrossed’. The world is a crazy, scary, unknown place at the moment and although social media has been a genuine gift to many people throughout this time it can also be a real hinderence. It is totally normal to be feeling a little on edge currently due to the works being a shambles but sometimes flicking through Instagram and seeing people’s “exciting” lives can suddenly make you feel worthless. This is just a quick note to say Instagram isn’t real. People post their best moments through filtered, edited, ideal versions of themselves. Yes, you may look at posts and think “wow, their life is so much better than mine” but I urge you to focus on you and do what makes you happy. Life isn’t exciting at the moment but we’re all in the same position. We just need to find joy in our days and make the most of this situation.