A second chance

A really lovely programme that gives those that struggled with school a second chance at a jockey training school. It’s great to see how the teenagers blossomed whilst spending time with nature and horses.

The nurture room

An interesting watch about children that struggle in the average classroom setting.

If only you would listen

Last night I had the pleasure in going to see School of Rock at the New London theatre in Covent Garden. I have been looking forward to it ever since I heard it was a musical due to the fact I enjoyed the film so much when I was younger. I went along knowing the story line yet the script had been updated to fit in with modern times and there was one song in particular that made me tear up. For those of you who are not aware the show focuses on a man named Dewey Finn who is part of a band and loves nothing more than playing his guitar. However, Dewey loses his place in the band and becomes job – less, that is until he answers a call for his housemate about becoming a substitute teacher. When Dewey learns of the pay he decides to pretend to be Mr Ned Schneeble (his housemate) and turns up to the prestigious private prep school the following day. Of course, Dewey is not an actual teacher yet once he hears the children in his class playing their classical instruments in their music class he decides to make his own band with the children and tells them it’s a class project. Infact, Deweys actual plan is that his band of children will enter a competition and win him lots of money. The children are excited by the idea and feel like Dewey (Mr Schneeble) has more respect for them than anyone they have ever known.

It was at this point that the child cast of School of Rock sang the song “If only you would listen”. It is aimed at the child’s parents who, after paying high fees for their child’s education expect nothing less than the best. Yet, the children are not happy. Their parents do not listen to them, they are simply too busy working or appear to be disinterested in their lives unless they are speaking of what their parents want to hear e.g. good grades and homework. The song expresses how the children feel like they can’t speak, that they are trapped and that they feel restricted in their lives. It’s almost as if their futures are set for them. But, children have so much to share and sometimes we have to just listen. We have to take a step back and remember that grades aren’t the most important thing and that instead the well – being of children holds the up most importance. To truly know what a child is thinking we must listen. This is easier said than done but taking 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to listen to a child may just be the best thing you do today.

I strongly urge you to listen to the song which I have posted below and just reflect upon the meaningful the lyrics. Enjoy and remember to listen.

P.S. Andrew Lloyd Webber you’re amazing.

Audi Espana

It’s nice to see such a large, global company tackling gender stereotypes in their newest advert. Enjoy!

Patch Adams

It’s not often a movie inspires me but last night I watched the film ‘Patch Adams’ for the first time. All I can say is WOW.

The film is about a man named Patch who inspires to be a doctor in order to help others, yet he isn’t the average doctor. Instead he focuses on the nature of treating patients as people rather than as part of the system. Whilst at medical school Patch visits the local hospital and enters the children’s ward. The sick children are all laying down in their beds, sad faced, pale and dying. As soon as Patch enters the room it’s almost as if a breath of fresh air appears. He jokes around and introduces a bit of humour into the lives of these ill children. He brings a smile to their faces, and clowns around. He doesn’t look at the children as though they are dying, but instead as people.

As the film progresses Patch sets up his own clinic in which he treats patients from his own home – this was known as The Gesundheit Institute.

Adam’s philosophy of humour is ground breaking. He has changed the lives of so many people and made life more enjoyable for so many people. Oh and one other thing… Patch Adams is a real person. Whilst i’m sure his story was adapted slightly for the film, many of the ethos present throughout are very much true. Gesundheit institute is now in it’s 45th year with projects running all over the world. Adams is still clowning around and bringing a smile to children’s faces.

The main thing I gathered from Patch Adams is his genuine love of life and helping others. Something I feel more people need to aspire to do. He has made me realise that life isn’t all about education but rather happiness, joy, fun and laughter. It’s ok to be a little bit crazy! Let children explore and experience the world around them. Learning occurs through seeing and doing so let children be children!