Four walls

Same day, same way

THE teacher

Same age same size

Move mountains in chairs

I have made it clear over the years on my views of the classic education here in the UK and across the world and how it limits our children’s creativity, imagination and sense of adventure. Children enter the schooling system far too young in the UK with too much of an emphasis being placed on grades, statistics and numbers at the tender age of 4. However, there is always talk about how these children are the future of the human race, how they’re the ones who will change the world and in a sense “move mountains.” Although, how are these children supposed to move mountains when they’re not even allowed out of their chairs 5 days a week for the majority of the day whilst their at school…? A genuine question which I’m sure does not have a clear cut answer.

Thumb isolation

First day back


For many in the UK hearing about the cancellation on A levels and GCSE’s this summer must have been a huge relief but for others may have been anxiety inducing. Are they really cancelled? Will they change their minds and I’ll have to sit them? Will I still be able to go to uni? How will I cope with future exams?

However, this is just a note to say no matter how the exam goes it will not define your future. Yes, if you fail the exam and miss out on a grade you may not end up at your first choice university or the top set of maths for example but life will work out. You may end up going to a different uni and having the time of your life or making a new friend for life by being in a different maths set. Life has it’s ups and downs but it’s important to note that exams don’t define you, your worth ans your future.

Problem 9

I have voiced my opinions on the British education many a time but it’s safe to say I don’t have the most positive view of it.

I feel there is too much pressure placed on teachers and the demands and goals they have to meet day in and day out are unrealistic, not feasible and quite frankly overwhelming. How can we expect our children to thrive at school when their teachers are exhausted and stressed beyond belief?

There are many different forms of education out there that place children at the heart of their learning as well as environments that encourage children to learn through different means such as forest school etc.

I am also aware that there are some amazing schools with great teachers out there but things need to change. The levels of mental health issues in children and young people are increasing year on year and I am confident that school pressures have a LOT to do with this (as well as other factors).