Move mountains in chairs

I have made it clear over the years on my views of the classic education here in the UK and across the world and how it limits our children’s creativity, imagination and sense of adventure. Children enter the schooling system far too young in the UK with too much of an emphasis being placed on grades, statistics and numbers at the tender age of 4. However, there is always talk about how these children are the future of the human race, how they’re the ones who will change the world and in a sense “move mountains.” Although, how are these children supposed to move mountains when they’re not even allowed out of their chairs 5 days a week for the majority of the day whilst their at school…? A genuine question which I’m sure does not have a clear cut answer.

One thought on “Move mountains in chairs

  1. I completely agree with you. I knew my younger daughter wouldn’t be able to cope with school when she started at the age of four. She just wasn’t ready but I had no say in the matter. She was absolutely traumatised by nursery school and the teacher treated her as thought she was an idiot. She insisted I attend school with my daughter when her heavy-handedness caused crying and shouting. My daughter was a bad influence, apparently.

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