Children at heart 

As we grow older Christmas’ and Birthdays become less and less exciting but sometimes you have got to unleash your inner child. 

Watch cheesy Christmas films, eat too much chocolate and laugh at terrible cracker jokes. We are all still children at heart but sometimes our adult lives take over and we forget to enjoy the magic and happiness of this time of year. 


Every parent is different. Some choose to entertain their children through the use of the tablet/iPad, whilst the more traditional parents prefer for their children to play with toys.

I pose you a question. If you were given £100 to spend on your child what would you buy?

Would you splash the cash on a tablet/iPad as seen on the right of the picture or would you buy your child a wonderful array of toys, books and games, as seen on the left hand side of the picture?14993540_907361479395172_1113230518912753778_n.jpg

Audi Espana

It’s nice to see such a large, global company tackling gender stereotypes in their newest advert. Enjoy!