Disabled Lego

It looks like it isn’t just Barbie that’s created a new image. Lego have also joined the equality movement and have created a disabled Lego figurine. Although the company have previously created a disabled figure in a wheelchair, it was of an old man. Instead, their new figure is of a young boy dressed in a grey beanie hat wearing ordinary clothes. This shows the disability doesn’t just effect those who are older.

Check out the article linked below for further details.



The new Barbie

What fantastic news! Mattel ( the company that creates Barbie ) have officially announced a new range of the Barbie doll which includes 6 different skin tones, varying healthy body shapes as well as curly red hair, afros and even long blue hair! I personally believe this is a step in the right direction.

A link to the article published by The Guardian:


Charities such as Beat, have been campaigning for years to try and get the Barbie doll to become more representative of true life and it seems that all of their hard word has finally payed off.

However, can we fully blame Barbie dolls for the rise in children with eating disorders and body dissatisfaction? There are many other influences in a child’s life including celebrities, air brushed pictures, magazines including comments such as “doesn’t she look fat!” and tv adverts which all seem to represent women in an unrealistic way.

The dolls have also been subject to criticism as although they are more representative than they were, they are still “smaller” than the average size 16 UK woman. However, will making a size 16 Barbie doll promote healthy body image?

The article also seems to make it feel like being thin is a negative thing. The original Barbie has become victimised because of her size yet we must remember some woman are naturally thin. This drastic change could therefore make them feel uncomfortable about their bodies, perhaps creating more problems.

Overall yes, I am pleased with the changes that have been made but I still feel there is a long way to go.


Technology Takeover

It saddens me that technology really is taking over. The quote below by Albert Einstein sums up what I believe is currently occurring in today’s society.


Of course technology has it’s benefits but there are also many negatives attached to it. One of the main negative factors that I feel is associated with technology is the fact that parents often choose to use their mobile phone/tablet/iPad/laptop rather than to talk, play and communicate with their child. An article published by Levi Winchester for the Express captures my concerns. Winchester states that parents are often choosing to spend time on social media sites such as Facebook rather than to communicate with their children which is leading to problems with speech and language development. He further suggests that more accidents are occurring in places such as playgrounds due to parents looking at their phones rather than monitoring their children.

A link to the article can be found below.


If technology continues to grow and impact our lives I fear that it will have a detrimental impact on the lives of the children of the future. Sometimes you just have to switch off your mobile, log out of Twitter, put down your iPad, switch off the TV and just enjoy what you have. Yes, technology is great but it has it’s down sides too.


The Crayon Initiative

Organisations like this make me remember that there is still good in the world.

The Crayon Initiative was set up by a man named Bryan Ware. Whilst out for dinner with his family he began to question what happened to the crayons his children were colouring with during their meal. It turns out that all crayons get thrown away and eventually end up in landfill sites. Ware then came up with the idea of collecting all the used crayons from restaurants, boiling them down and then creating new crayons from the remaining wax. It is at this point The Crayon Initiative was born.

Ware and his team deliver the new crayons to hospitals in order to help unwell children express themselves through art. They also believe that the crayons promote creativity and imagination.

I’d strongly urge you all to have a look at The Crayon Initiative’s page:


Below are a few images I found on the organisations Facebook page demonstrating the making process.

Princess Awesome

My “Girls can be superheroes too” post inspired me to carry out more research into gender neutral clothing for both girls and boys. I came across a website called “Girls will be” ( http://www.girlswillbehq.com/) which produces typically gender neutral clothing. They print typically boy t- shirt designs, for example, dinosaurs and chemistry, on to female tailored tops. Whilst the majority of female clothes are fitted, this company decided to make them slightly more baggy which allows for more movement, encouraging girls to be just as active as boys. The clothing line further branched out to create longer shorts for girls as typically shorts for girls are skinny and short. The company states that not all girls want to be typically girly which is why this clothing line is a step in the right direction.

Examples of their designs are shown below:

Princess Awesome (http://princess-awesome.com/) is another children’s clothing company which aims to minimise the gap between boys and girls. Their clothing line comprises of mainly dresses (a typically feminine item of clothing) but have cars, trucks, dinosaurs, trains and mathematical symbols printed on them (typically male items/objects). The company does not discourage girls to like typically girly activities such as ballet yet it does allow them to wear dresses AND show their love of aeroplanes and science. Princess Awesome currently have a wide variety of stock available some of which is shown below:

I feel we could learn a lot through allowing children to express themselves through the clothes they decide to wear. These two companies aren’t encouraging girls to be boys yet they allow for girls to show that they can have an interest in typically male pursuits. Children should be encouraged to be whatever they wish to be and clothing should not limit this.


Buzz and the dandelions

There’s too much negativity in the world. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and enjoy what we have in life. A simple walk in the park could create a ┬ámemory that will last a lifetime.

Tom Fletcher (McFly) posted this video on YouTube of him and his son Buzz. It shows that the best things in life really are free.