Apologies for being awhol for a while but I thought I’d come on here to say that I have been spending an increasing amount of time on my Instagram account named @everythingchild .I’m a lot more active on there and am posting similar content to that of this page. I’d be extremely grateful if you could give me a follow and let me know you’ve headed over from this blog.

I’ve loved seeing everythingchild develop on here and am excited to see it progress on Instagram.

Healthy boundaries


Unlearning perfectionism


Fill them up

Claps for Barbie

I LOVE that Barbie have released a more realistic Barbie. What a beautiful thing for young girls to see. Research has shown how much of an impact materialistic items like Barbies can influence a young child’s self esteem and their view of themselves, how they look and their size. However, seeing a Barbie with pink hair, more modest clothing and of a normal body shape is refreshing. So, well done for this one Barbie, you’ve got my vote!

What colour is your heart?

Still learning

Words of affirmation